Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time Flies...........

Wow, time flies and the old saying about how time moves faster as you get older is so true!  I can't believe I haven't blogged since we left for the Netherland so I thought I better do a quick catch up post.

Kayla swam GREAT at Worlds but she had some stiff competition in her class so no chance for medals this time.  She did swim her personal best in all but one event and came home with 2 American records!  What an amazing experience it was to be swimming and supporting Team USA! 

We came home just in time to get ready for back to school.  Kayla started high school (9th grade) and Sam the 5th grade. Both kids are doing well in school and making new friends. Kayla is involved with the drama club and is going to work backstage at MCT's musical this year.  Sam is playing 2 instruments (saxophone and piano) and auditioned for the play (cast list will be announced Nov 11).

About a month after school started, Kayla and I went to Santa Clara for another swim meet.  She didn't swim as well there but it was a good experience.  We go to Toronto in December for the CAN-AM meet and then I think we're home until April 2011.  I can't believe how much we've traveled this year!

I apologize for not having any craftiness to share this time but hopefully I will soon!