Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Chip off the Ol' Block

My son Sam(8 yrs old) is very creative. He recently discovered that he can learn how to do all sorts of things by watching tutorials on YouTube. It all started with a stick man animation program called "Pivot". He spends hours animating that guy and browsing tutorials to figure out how to get the most out of the program. Once he figured out that online tutorials were a great resource, he decided to teach himself to do card tricks. Now he carries his cards with him everywhere waiting for the opportunity to show off his new skill. I'm really looking forward to seeing family over the holidays so he'll have a new audience because it seems I can't even use the bathroom without him trying to show me a card trick!

A few mornings ago my feet had barely hit the floor as I was waking up and he was there, all excited to tell me what he'd discovered that morning on YouTube. "I found some craft tutorials, Momma!. This lady taught me how to make a wallet out of paper!" and then he proceeded to name off the supplies he'd need to make his project (Gimme a break kid, can I at least have some coffee first?).

The night before he had asked me if he could try my special markers (gasp! My Copics?). I had just received these new stamps in the mail from Pink Poison and was busy coloring away. I caved but not until after I lectured him a bit on just how "special" (expensive) my markers were and that he could only use them with permission. He did an awesome job! Here is the paper wallet he made and the the Quarterback Ian from Pink Poison that he colored to put on the front, isn't he cute?

I'm in love with these new stamps. I have several of the Anyas and all of the Ians so far. I think my current favorites are the Mermaid and Rock Girl Anya's. Here are some cards I made using those images. You can also check out my SCS gallery for more Anya and Ian fun!


The Greeting Farm said...

Hi Joyce!
Thought I'd drop by and say I loooove the cards. I'm posting up your little Anya and Ian card you sent me on the blog tomorrow. Love them to pieces!


Becky Rusher said...

Cute cards, Joyce! Your son did an amazing job!

p.s. They never stop bothering you when you're in the bathroom. :)

Novell said...

Sam, Sam, you the man!

Seriously, great job! Oh, and you're only allowed to show me ONE magic trick the next time I come over. Isn't the internet just awesome?!

Tisha said...

Hey Lady - Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!