Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy February!

Last weekend I went to New Mexico to visit my Aunt and cousins. They are actually my husband's Aunt and cousins but that's one of the great benefits of marriage, getting to expand your family!

Auntie and I took the new Rail Runner Train into Santa Fe for some lunch and shopping. It was a great way to see some sites without worrying about the stress of driving (although there's no traffic to speak of in NM). We ate lunch at the historical La Fonda Hotel. We were disappointed that the main dining room was closed for renovation but the food was fabulous! We even had dessert. Shopping was fun and I found some gifts for the kids and a stamp store . It's a tradition in NM to have chili ristras hanging near the front door of homes and businesses. They are a sign of welcome and warmth and are said to bring good luck. I love them and want to have one at my house but Auntie says it will just mold in our climate so I bought a stamp instead. I also figured it would be perfect for making a thank you card for my Aunt and what better sentiment, than this one from A Muse (they have THE BEST sentiments).

I took craft supplies with me and got to spend some time crafting with my littlest cousins (almost 3 & 5). They loved stamping Valentines cards. Auntie and I made some Bind It All journals and I worked on rejuvenating her stamping habit. It was a quick trip but lots of fun. When I left NM it was 60 degrees, sunny and dry and I came home to 33 degrees and about a reality check!

Friday I taught my first Copic Marker class. All the girls that came were familiar faces from the A Muse Retail shop so we had a lot fun. I've had several people say they were unable to make this class for various reasons (life happens) but fear not because I'm teaching it again at the end of March! Please see my side bar for my class schedule.

I can't believe how quickly January went by. Today would've been my Gram's 84th birthday. Last year on her birthday, she was the happiest I've ever seen her....surrounded by her family in celebration. She passed away 2 months later and I miss her dearly. Happy Birthday Gram.


Laura said...

Super cute card! What a perfect sentiment.

Pamela said...

Great card. The colors are just perfect.

Jennie M said...

This card is just beautiful Joyce!