Monday, March 23, 2009

Proud Drama Momma!

The school my kids attend is famous for it's children's theater and each year they put on a fabulous musical production. It's hard to believe that these kids are only in grades 4-8! This year they performed Beauty & the Beast and Kayla was Mrs. Potts. She shared this role in a shadow casting technique with her schoolmate, Casey, who is deaf and it was amazing! Kayla surprised us all with her fabulous singing voice and Casey did a beautiful job of signing the dialog and the songs. You would never know that these girls barely knew each other before the play because they really made a great duo! They even made the local paper!

Our costumes this year were awesome! Look at how they made this teapot to fit over Kayla's wheelchair. What's even more amazing is that the Mrs. Potts in the other cast was able to wear a combination of Kayla and Casey's costumes! Simply ingenious!

This is Kayla's 4th year in the school play and for the past 2 years I've made autograph books for her and her friends to pass around at the cast party. The first year I had my Bind It All I did a handful for "Grease". Last year I did a few more for "Seussical the Musical" . This year I was so excited to find the perfect cartridge for my Cricut to be able to cut out each character (although I didn't realize how much work gluing them all together would be because some have some very small pieces). In the end we made one for each of the leads in her cast and some of her closest friends for a total of 24 books! My hubby even got into the action by cutting the inner pages and punching them all with the Bind it All (thank goodness because they might not have been finished in time otherwise!) . I made them 5X7 so they could also include some photos and keepsakes. I am pretty happy at how they turned out. (Thank you, Novell, for loaning me your BIA machine since mine is broken)

Now to recover my house after a whirlwind of crafting, baking and working backstage! I have some new rubber that I'm dying to play with but I can't until I've finished up a few chores *pouting*

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Novell said...

They are gorgeous!!! Both the books and the cast! LOL. You are all truly blessed to be in a school that embraces kids of all abilities and finds a way to include EVERYONE. What an outstanding drama producer that school must have! Congratulations on a successful play. All the costumes look FABULOUS!!! I'm not at all surprised that Kayla did well in her role. She is a superstar in my eyes.

Laurie Mom of 3 said...

Exactly everything Novell said, and you are truly AWESOME!!!!

Linda said...

What Novell and Laurie said! FAB-U-LOUS!!!!

Susan N. said...

What an amazing story and accomplishment. Congratulations and thanks for sharing such an awesome moment.

Heather said...

This is SO cool, Joyce! And the costumes are amazing! I bet it was fabulous!