Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Day of School!!

Today was our last of school! The past few weeks have been crazy with school projects and activities so it's a big relief to have it all be done! I've known for quite some time what I was going to make for the teachers as end-of-the-year gifts but between being too busy or tired and a little procrastination thrown in, I didn't start them until last night. This picture shows the backpack boxes and matching cards I made for Sam's teachers. He's in a multi-age class so there are 3 grades and 3 teachers. I simplified the original design for this backpack by making the flap out of patterned paper instead of adding a layer of patterned paper to accent the base color. A Muse Petite Gingham is so cute on these and there are so many colors to choose from. I enclosed the little cards (quick and easy) along with a Barnes & Noble gift card. Kayla is in middle school so we only gave one to her advisor and I added a little chocolate as a bonus. I also made "happy summer" cards for the bus driver and Kayla's aide at school and gave them some tasty treats.

Sam is moving up to intermediate next year. He'll be "low man on the totem pole" in the 4th-6th grade classroom which will be an adjustment but I know he'll do well. It seems like it wasn't that long ago that he was in Kindergarten. Kayla will be in 8th grade next year which will be her last year at this school and then on to highschool....yikes!

Now that we'll have more free time I'm hoping to play in some of the A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA challenges. If you don't know what I'm talking about, hop on over to the A Muse Blog and join the party!! There are challenges to inspire you, games to play and prizes to win!

Happy Summer!

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Michellem said...

Those are super cute teacher gifts!!