Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Look Mom, no braces!

Kayla got her braces off today! She's had them on less than a year and a half so we were amazed when Dr. Sullivan said she was done! We did some early intervention with palate expanders which really made a difference in the length of time she had to wear them.

Here she is in the orthodontist's office before:

and after:

She had a caramel apple tonight and tomorrow we are having corn on the cob! She's really looking forward to the gooey Halloween candy. Hmmm.......maybe I should've made the appointment AFTER Halloween!


Susan N. said...

What a beautiful smile :)

june said...

gorgeous girl! my kids were sooooo happy to have their braces off! what a perfect time to get them off too:)

Lori Barnett said...

wonderful!!! I have 4 kids that all went through braces...and it was a memorable day that the hardware came off! Now I have 1 kid left to go. Funny thing...the price of braces now is 3X as much as when my last kid got them!!! YIKES!

Linda said...

Kayla, you look beautiful. Are you sure this picture is taken 1.5 years apart... are you wearing the same top?