Saturday, February 20, 2010

Party Themes

I'm a theme kind of girl. I love to find a theme and then plan an event around it. It's so fun (and sometimes challenging) to find things that work with the theme and pull it all together.

For Sam's 10th birthday I had the perfect theme in mind. We planned to give him Rockband 2 as a gift so I could work the theme around that. I had the cute stamps picked out for the invites and thank-you's. Visions of "rock star", "party like a rockstar" and "you rock" from A Muse were dancing in my head and figured I could title the invite "Come jam with Sam". I envisioned all the cute band photos I could get of these boys was all coming together............until Nintendo threw a wrench in my wheel. I could not find Rockband 2 for the Wii ANYWHERE! It's been out of stock since before Christmas. Now what? Time was ticking.......I didn't have a theme!

Finally Sam said to me "mom, we just want to play video games and eat pizza. Maybe I could have a couple friends sleepover?". Really? How was I supposed to make a theme out of that?

So I looked through my stamps and found the "party flags" stamp which is perfect for any party and then I remembered I had this game controller stamp from Lizzy Anne. Easy, simple, PERFECT!
I found these cute candy dispensers that look like a Wii remotes (they shoot out Smarties candy) and puzzle erasers shaped like pizza. I threw in some bubble gum pieces and I had perfectly themed treat bags!

Sam requested rootbeer floats instead of cake but it's hard to put a candle in a float so we made some fun candy sushi (my boy LOVES sushi). I saw the idea online for making sushi rolls using Twinkies but we decided to use crispy rice treats for the rice and went a step further making regular sushi with Swedish Fish. How fun is this?

Okay, so maybe the sushi didn't quite go with the rest of the theme......unless the theme is "all things Sam loves". (so I put some sushi puzzle erasers in some of the bags to tie it in )
You can tell by the smile on his face that he had fun!

Happy Birthday, Sam!


Jill Grace said...

Very clever Joyce! Looks like you had a lot of fun putting this together. What a good mama ;)

Laurie Mom of 3 said...

I'm a theme girl too! Love the sushi. Happy Birthday Sam!!!!

cheiron said...

Looks like a fun party! The sushi is adorable!

Frozenstamper said...

Joyce these are darling! So cute! My daughter would sooo love this - must copy this for her 20th birthday!!!

cheries said...

I'm a theme girl too and try to theme my hubby & I's birthday every alternative year. Last year for his 40th we got Casino Equipment for Hire and had a blast.

It's my stepson's 10th birthday this year & i think i may steal some of your ideas...
Well done!

Meghan said...

brilliant! the sushi sweets turned out SO perfect - i bet the kids had a blast.

Lori Barnett said...

HOW did I miss this? Then again...maybe I did't...but just forgot?! ha ha ha SUPER FUN idea!